Having psychic abilities isn't all that great, as Morgan Tarrant could testify. They already cost her a normal family life, several jobs, and lots of moving around. Vowing to keep her psychic abilities a secret, she moves one last time to French Creek, Indiana. However, she doesn't count on an evil from her past following her ... After his last undercover job almost cost him his life, Detective Gabriel Walsh moves to French Creek to escape big city problems. He soon learns that evil isn't picky about where it lives or whom it threatens. For several years, Darien Storm has enjoyed using his minor psychic abilities and con artist's tricks to bilk the public as the Messiah. By the time he reaches French Creek, he's tiring of the gig and ready to move on. Then, opportunity knocks. Morgan is beautiful, rich and holds the promise of powers he can only imagine. He lusts for her, and nothing will stand in his way to possess her. Morgan is forced to confront the evil that invades her world--but can she triumph?


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"Deadly Visions follow Psychic from Big City to Small Town"
Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted March 14, 2002

Morgan Smith/Tarrant had escaped family and notoriety in Salem, Massachusetts, hoping to live a productive and anonymous life in the Big Apple. She had not, however been able to run away from her gift, or was it her curse? It happened again on the subway train she'd boarded Read more...

"Action-Packed Psychic Romantic Suspense Thriller"
Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 14, 2002

FATAL VISION is cop/psychic story that is not the norm. It is a great story. It is action packed and the hero is a great alpha male. Heck even the villain is interesting, but evil as all heck. The heroine is psychic and on a subway train Read more...


Fatal Vision
by Monette Michaels

October 1, 2001
ISBN #1553165470
EAN #9781553165477
Trade Size (reprint)
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