Raven Carleton is every inch the English lady. But on this glorious morning, as she gallops along the seacoast -- her hair streaming behind her -- Raven is thinking about her freedom, not her imminent betrothal to aristocratic Englishman Christopher Dacre. Suddenly Raven is forced to draw rein when a man appears directly in her path. Silhouetted against the predawn sky, he is magnificent -- a darkly powerful stranger who will alter the course of her life.

Heath Kennedy is a loyal Scot who will defend to the death those he loves. After narrowly escaping his own death at the hands of highborn conspirators, he awakens on the banks of the River Eden ... and sees a creature of infinite loveliness riding toward him. Knowing that this wild English beauty can never be his, Heath devises a plan of revenge against his royal enemies. Raven will be the ultimate bargaining tool -- his exquisite ransom.

Yet from the moment he spirits her to his ancestral castle in Scotland, nothing goes as planned. Heath is irresistibly seduced by his headstrong captive, a woman who knows no fear and who calls him enemy ... even as desire flames between them.

In a land divided, there is nothing more dangerous than falling in love. But Heath Kennedy is a man beguiled. Risking the wrath of two realms, Heath does the unthinkable: He offers Raven her freedom. He asks only one thing in return....

Set against the passion and savagery of a tempestuous age, The Border Hostage captivates us with a truly unforgettable love story. It is yet another dazzling work of romance fiction from the incomparable Virginia Henley.

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Heart-stoppingly romantic, powerfully sensual, Virginia Henley's New York Times bestselling novels have captured the hearts of readers and the raves of critics everywhere. In her breathtaking new novel, the award- winning author once again brings us her trademark blend of historical intrigue and sizzling romance. Here she transports us to medieval England and Scotland -- at a time when bitter border wars raged throughout the land -- to weave an unforgettable tale of a headstrong Englishwoman abducted by a Scotsman seeking passionate revenge....

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The Border Hostage
by Virginia Henley

Dell Island Books
February 26, 2002
ISBN #0440222109
416 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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