Matt Southers isn't enjoying his low-paying job teaching at the local community college, and he misses his home, his friends and their cutthroat role-playing games. So when two oddly dressed men make him an unbelievable proposition, Matt is willing to hear more - especially when the hearing involves supper in a local greasy spoon and a great deal of beer.

But when Matt awakes in a castle on a distant world so obviously not his own, and everyone starts calling him 'Prince Methos,' he suspects that Verene the mage and Captain Imre weren't kidding about their offer - they've brought him here to Urrathe to take the place of the recently-deceased prince of the realm and to rally the troops against a dangerous menace.

This menace turns out to be the powerful wizard Gremian Brecc, who is close to taking over the land. With the help of his new friends, and the distant and enigmatic commander of the prince's guard, Ria Hawkmoon, Matt must scramble to learn all he can before he ends up in the same state as the real prince - quite uncomfortably dead!


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The Plausible Prince
by K. G. McAbee

February 1, 2000
ISBN #1553160533
280 pages
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