A modern sequel to Bram Stoker's Dracula

There's a killer loose in Manhattan. He's leaving young women drained of all their blood. Some are starting to whisper he may not even be human...

Meena Harper is a dialogue writer for Insatiable, the highest rated soap on least until Lust—Insatiable's main competitor—launches its new vampire romance storyline.

Now Lust is breaking every daytime rating on record, and all Meena hears from her bosses is: Give the female leads of Insatiable hot vampire love interests.

But Meena's tired of the monster misogyny rampant in the entertainment business, and refuses. Too bad this causes her to lose the promotion she's always wanted.

Work is the least of Meena's worries, however: her brother Jon has lost his high paying investment banking job and joined the ranks of the city's numerous unemployed...just like the husband of Meena's best friend Leisha, who happens to be seven months pregnant and is giving Meena — who has a special psychic gift — anxious twinges. Meena's always kept hidden the fact that she knows how everyone she meets is going to what does that mean about Leisha?

And what's Meena supposed to do about her neighbor, "the Contessa," who wants to set Meena up with her cousin Lucien, visiting from Romania for reasons as mysterious as he is?

But when vampire-mania works itself to a fever pitch in Manhattan, fueled by the dueling plotlines on Lust and Insatiable, as well as the city's mounting deaths, Meena is astounded to discover that the creatures she's always despised as the sexist stuff of fantasy might actually be real...

...and that thanks to her "gift", Meena herself could be in danger of turning into one...unless a vigilante band of vampire slayers, one of whom has shown up at her door and is holding her hostage, can put a stop to it.

But does Meena, drawn as she finds herself to Lucien—who might just be the Prince of Darkness himself—really want them to?

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Urban Fantasy


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(Meena Harper: Book 1)
by Meg Cabot

William Morrow & Co.
June 1, 2010
Available: June 8, 2010
ISBN #006173506X
EAN #9780061735066
464 pages
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