Valerik had been a gladiator and then a slave. When he murdered his Mistress, he was sentenced to death by hunting. So Val was released to be prey and the hounds were shortly released afterward to kill him.

Saved by the mysterious and lovely Madryn, Val accompanied her on her self appointed mission. Unknown to them, they were to become the champions of some magical guardians in a war against a sorceress and her evil brother.

Previous editions: Starlight Writer Publications; ISBN: 1929034180 eBook. Paperback (October 2000) Romance Foretold, Inc.; ISBN: 1586979922

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1999 Dorothy Parker Award for Excellence


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"An intriguing adventure story with a touch of romance"
Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted January 24, 2002

On a far away world, in another time, a slave runs for his life, hunted by dogs and riders who will kill him without mercy once he is caught. Naked, exhausted, Valerik desperately, and unsuccessfully, tries to steal a horse from a lone traveler. But to his surprise, instead of Read more...

"An enthralling romantic fantasy"
Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted April 29, 2002

For killing his owner, he is to be executed in the human and the hounds playful manner of the elite. Thus the hounds and their aristocratic owners pursue the condemned slave. Valerik's flight for life seems futile until he meets Madryn, who rescues him from certain death. However, though Read more...


Escape The Past
by K. G. McAbee

Novel Books, Inc.
December 1, 2001
ISBN #193169687X
300 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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