Tail Over Whiskers
Darragha Foster

Blaze tries to live up to her name after being humiliated, scarred, branded and banished by the werecat society for being different. Really different. She can only shift when she comes, and then, only partially--and it doesn't last. Looking for love in all the wrong places, she ends up inadvertently scent-matched to another half-were shifter. A dog, of all things. Fighting like cats and dogs takes on a whole new meaning for Blaze and Jack as they struggle to accept their spiritual, and physical, bonds. Are they going to set an example for the shifter prides and packs, or will they simply end up chasing each other's tails?

Kinks: Analingus, mixed species coitus, brief m/m, naughty sewer tunnel sex, bondage, toy play, group sex

Earning Her Stripes

Word of the Day: Disobedient

Meg's been thrown out of her home, rejected by her friends and lover, banished by her pride, and thrust into Half-Were House to continue her obedient life. A life that has nothing to do with being a feline shifter and everything to do with fitting in with humans. Tradition demanded she leave and she can't come back simply because she doesn't have little kitty claws. Determined not to take things belly up just because that's the way she likes it in bed, the sweet submissive disobediently returns to The Valley to reclaim her adored teaching position. With the surprising ally of a surprisingly dominant farmer, Meg faces down prejudiced felines who would love nothing more than to turn her into dog food. The pride's leader lays down the terms for Meg's safe return, but will she be able to help Ben submit enough for her to stay?

Kinks: mild BDSM, MFM, toys

Piece of Tail
Celia Kyle

Gina's got a problem. Okay, she doesn't think it's a problem, but the pride that kicked her to the curb sure does. She feels perfect in every way. Curves in all the right places and an attitude that just won't quit, she's got it all. And then some. Now her tail… In her mind, it's just an added bonus. But in the mind of the prides, her ability to only grow a tail proves that she's not were enough and too much kitty for humans. Good thing she's found two men who can't get enough of each other, her and her tail.

Piece of Tail contains scenes of tail friskiness, man on man loving and dog jokes.

Kinks: BDSM, Group sex, M/M, toy play, anal


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Half-Were House
by Celia Kyle, Darragha Foster, * Mima

Liquid Silver Books
February 1, 2009
Available: February 23, 2009
ISBN #1595785205
EAN #9781595785206
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