Spoiled and rich, Kissa Deonte longs to feel a real man's lusty ten inches burning deep inside her, but her sluttish appetite for dirty sex goes unsatisfied until she sees Nicollo Javonte working in his father's field. His broad back is tanned from the sun, his muscles ripple along his large arms, and the obscene bulge she sees beneath his hip girdle has her reaching for her fan. She suddenly craves the taste of dirt in her mouth and orders him to her palace suite where she uses him sexually.

This begins a sizzling affair that results in Nicollo being caught and accused of rape. When Kissa refuses to help him, he faces death. The palace sorceress comes to his rescue and instead of death, she casts a spell on him that provides only one escape—he must travel far and wide to find his true love who will be identified by a scarlet ribbon in her hair. The next morning he wakes up on the front stoop of his father's house wearing a magic Shen ring—and a vampire's curse!

Now facing the world with a mad desire for blood, he goes out into the darkness, haunted by the fact that each bloody woman lying at his feet might be his true love. And then he meets Surrenda de Quan, a royal snob with a venomous tongue, and a scarlet ribbon. After Nicollo brands her as his own they both leave this world and land in twenty-first century New York where Nicollo sinks deeper into his cursed darkness, and Surrenda forgets both Nicollo and her past and emerges as the beautiful, the lusty, the incomparable...Lady Evil!

Categories: EROTIC Romance Fantasy Vampires/Werewolves

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Lady Evil
by Audrey Godwin

Siren Publishing
January 1, 2009
Available: January 27, 2009
ISBN #1606011448
EAN #9781606011447
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