"Bound is the bewitching Lilith..." So begins an ancient incantation for protection against the demon Lilith. Lilith, the First Woman, the wife Adam discarded. Lilith, the goddess of storms, the night bird. Lilith, the succubus who haunts men's dreams. Lilith the child-slaying monster, the mother of demons. Lilith the feminist poster girl. Lilith the muse. The stories herein set Lilith free to explore all these aspects. Mike Resnick and Lawrence Schimel portray her as the ultimate shiksa. Nisi Shawl goes looking for her in the savannas of Africa. J. Robert King finds her in the changeling babies of a modern world. Ed Greenwood delivers her in a mysterious and seductive painting. T. L. Morganfield melds Lilith lore with Native American mythology. Jackie Kessler explores her succubus origins. Eirene Donohue twines a handful of Lilith themes into a tale of storm-chased young girl. Within these pages Lilith is a vengeful asteroid, a self-help guru, a divorce lawyer, and much, much more...

When Hell Comes Calling
Jackie Kessler
Hell on Earth short story

How did Lillith go from First Woman to the first mortal demon? Find out in this short story. Appearances by Lucifer and Michael, not to mention Adam.

NOTE: For consistency's sake with the rest of the anthology, the character's name is spelled "Lilith" instead of "Lillith." But like any good demon, she knows that it's all in the pronunciation, so she's okay with the different spelling.


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Lilith Unbound
by Mike Resnick, Jackie Kessler, Elaine Cunningham (Editor), Lawrence Schimel

Popcorn Press
August 1, 2008
Available: August 25, 2008
ISBN #142762755X
EAN #9781427627551
272 pages
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