A Novel of the Change


Book 2 of S.M. Stirling's series "The Sunrise Lands", to be published in 2008. These books are set in the same world as the "Dies the Fire" trilogy.

Rudi MacKenzie continues his trek across the land that was once the United States of America. His destination: Nantucket, where he hopes to learn the truth behind The Change that rendered technology across the globe inoperable.

During his travels, Rudi forges ties with new allies in the continuing war against The Prophet, who teaches his followers that God has punished humanity by destroying technological civilization. And one fanatical officer in the Sword of The Prophet has been dispatched on a mission—to stop Rudi from reaching his destination by any means necessary.

Note: Dies the Fire (2004) shows the effects on the planet—a world Nantucket left—of something called "The Change". Electricity, guns, explosives, internal combustion engines and steam power no longer work. The series mostly deals with the Willamette Valley area of Oregon, with some description of the United Kingdom. After describing how people in those places survive the loss of 200 years of technological progress (no power, no food, no weapons), the primary focus of this series turns to a conflict between a Portland-based neo-feudal dictatorship created by a sociopathic history professor, and the free communities of the Willamette Valley, most notably the Wiccan Clan Mackenzie and a group led by a former Marine, the Bearkillers.

Dies the Fire (2004-07-01)
The Protector's War (2005-09-06)
A Meeting at Corvallis (2006-09-05)

A second tetralogy, set 22 years after the Change, is in progress:

The Sunrise Lands (2007-09-04)
The Scourge of God (2008-09-02)
The Sword of the Lady (2009)
The High King of Montival (2010)

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The Scourge of God
(The Emberverse series: Book 4)
by S. M. Stirling

September 1, 2008
Available: September 2, 2008
ISBN #0451462289
EAN #9780451462282
464 pages
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