Dangerous one day. Lethal the next.


This is the start of an all new series Ö weaving light-hearted humour with much darker forces.

His last assignment blew up in his face! Is New Ottosland ready for their new Grade Three Wizard?

For the life of him, Gerald Dunwoody canít seem to keep a job or a roof over his head. When career disaster strikes again, it looks like his days of being a wizard are over for good Ö until his friend Monk, genius of the governmentís secret research department, helps him to get appointed as Royal Court Wizard to the King of New Ottosland. His offsider, Reg, an ensorcelled bird with a mysterious past, isnít so sure this is a good idea. But Geraldís choices are limited Ö Itís New Ottosland, or starve.

Once he arrives it quickly becomes clear that King Lional isnít the vain, indolent young man he first appeared to be. And with the passing of time, it becomes even clearer that Lionalís plans may not, in fact, be in Geraldís best interests Ö

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Magic

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The Accidental Sorcerer
(Rogue Agent Trilogy: Book 1)
by K. E. Mills

Hachette Book Group USA (Orbit Books)
December 1, 2008
Available: January 1, 2009
ISBN #0316035424
EAN #9780316035422
480 pages
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