Bossy & Clyde
Jaid Black

Damon Clyde�s new client is something else. He can handle her bossiness. He can tolerate that she thinks she�s psychic. But when it comes to what her gorgeous body does to him, he might be in over his head.

Kandrea can�t get her mind off her latest artwork�possibly her best yet. As she struggles to understand what the spirit world is trying to tell her, she�s also fighting her growing attraction to the surly, caveman-like Clyde.

Damon is determined to get Kandrea. And no psychic claims�or painful memories�can scare him away.

Eternal Triangle
Ann Jacobs

A book in the d�Argent Vampires series.

Chad LaLanne, a mortal Master who can�t provide his newly made vampire slave�s only sustenance. Philippe d�Argent, a lonely vampire submissive who needs another loving Master to make him whole. Katie, newly made vampire who needs her mortal Master�but also a vampire male to protect and sustain her.

With the vibrant and mysterious bayous of Cajun Country as the backdrop, the three begin an intense m�nage�a time of testing, of exploration, leading to the breaking of the physical taboos of one and the emotional surrender of another. And ultimately, learning to trust another, when those they hold most dear are at risk.

Theirs is a relationship born of need, sustained by love�and bonded into an eternal triangle when the Master joins his lovers in their shadow world, where all manner of relationships can thrive without prejudice or shame.

First Sharing
Jory Strong

Part of the Fallon Mates series

Laith d�Amato never thought to form a mate-bond outside his race, but when he sees Cyan Dupre, the human female the scientists on Belizair have matched him to, he�s more than willing to claim her. Exquisite. Feminine. Intoxicating. Dreams of sharing her with Rykken d�Vesti become a vision of certainty for Laith. Only by including Rykken in the mate-bond will there be hope for Belizair.

One look at Cyan and the mating fever of his race swamps Rykken. Without the wings of the Vesti and Amato she seems fragile, in need of a strong male to care for her. It�s not the Vesti way, but for the sake of friendship and the future of Belizair, Rykken will fight his genetic imperative and cultural upbringing. He�ll join with Laith in the first sharing of a human female.

Lethal grace and poetic beauty, Cyan finds it impossible to resist Laith and Rykken. They�re erotic fantasy and artistic inspiration�but loving them comes with a choice between doing what�s right for her heart or what�s right for her art.

Lady Elizabeth�s Choice
Sahara Kelly

This story is a loose sequel to Madam Charlie.

Several months ago she gave herself to him, body and soul, during a night of sexual enlightenment that changed her world forever. But since then, Lady Elizabeth Wentworth has reached a decision she believes is right for her. And her erstwhile lover, Sir Spencer Marchwood, isn�t part of it. She hasn�t forgotten him�how could she? He took her from innocent girl to sensual woman in a night of extraordinary delights. Such memories cannot be denied, only buried, relegated to her past as the private indiscretions of a foolish and impetuous girl.

Needless to say, Spence is�upset. He�s plagued by memories of their passion, hungry for the taste of her lips and eager to hear her cries of pleasure once more.

And it looks like that�s not going to happen�ever again.

However, the resourceful Spence hatches a strategy to get Elizabeth�s attention and land her back in his arms�naked. Once that occurs, Spence knows he can claim her, body and soul, taking her to the edge of madness and beyond. It all comes down to one pivotal moment�the moment of Lady Elizabeth�s choice�

Legend�s Passion
Jaci Burton

This story is part of the Devlin Dynasty series and is loosely connected to Midnight Velvet.

Dylan Maxwell�code named Legend�an agent for the National Crime Agency, has orders to take down a serial killer tearing apart his victims like a wild animal. He�s to meet his informant in the park, but he doesn�t expect someone like Chantal Devlin� a hot, sultry and sexy woman with a bold proposition. Intrigued, he follows her, only to uncover one very life-changing secret in the dark fog.

Chantal Devlin thinks she�s meeting a fellow werewolf to let off a little steam. All work and no shifting makes a she-wolf very cranky. But when a case of mistaken identity places her in the arms of one hot, sexy man who�s all too human, one passionate encounter leads to a huge mistake that will alter both their lives forever.

Now they�re forced to work together to find a killer, while learning to adapt to the changes brought about by a moment of passion under a full moon.

Sherri L. King

Eva. A Hebrew form of Eve, the first woman. But Eva is not the first woman. Nor does it appear she�s the last�

Born from the mind of a demented genius, Eva was created for a purpose. Preternaturally strong, possessed of myriad gifts, Eva�s secrets continue to elude the Sterling scientists, her mysteries as dark as the Stygian pools of her eyes. She responds to only one�a Sterling soldier; a man whose power and darkness match her own�a man with whom she shares more than she knows.

One of Sterling�s most powerful warriors, Dante also boasts many gifts�gifts that were thrust upon him. He brought swift justice to those who made him what he is, all save one�the same brilliant mind responsible for his unexpected obsession. Dante�s passion for Eva is tortuous. Her beautiful face haunts his dreams, a nightly visit he would gladly welcome�were her face not so like his enemy�s.

Lorie O�Clare

A story in the Cariboo Lunewulf series.

Jaynie Rousseau wants nothing to do with relationships. She�s seen enough of them turn sour that trying to enter one on her own sounds like a fool�s mission. Yet pack leaders treat single females like they are some prized possession, needing to be kept under lock and key. She wants to run, be free. It�s in her breeding. Lunewulfs live for wide open spaces.

And that�s exactly why she should have nothing to do with Perry Roth, a Cariboo Lunewulf who is more demanding, more aggressive and sexier than any werewolf she�s ever laid eyes on. All he would do is put a leash on her. That will never happen!

Perry Roth has seen some wild Lunewulf females in his time. He likes his women on the wild side, much easier to enjoy them and send them down the road. Something about Jaynie Rousseau is getting under his fur, though. He doesn�t want to let her go. In fact, if he could just keep her in his den longer than the time it takes to bed her, he might decide he wants to keep her there permanently.

Wild Ride
Cheyenne McCray

Tess Marshall needs an escape from her conservative, restricted life. She needs to let loose, leave her inhibitions behind. She needs Diego Santiago in a major way. When she spots the gorgeous DEA agent in a crowded bar, she knows he�s the one to show her the wicked side of life. She just doesn�t know how wild�or dangerous�a night with Santiago will be.

Santiago needs to clear his head after shutting down a drug operation, but when he heads to the bar for a drink, he spots Tess. Clear head? Forget that. He can�t believe the change in her. From tomboy to siren, Tess blows his mind. He can�t wait to get his hands on her and brand her as his.

Tess and Santiago find more heat and pleasure than they imagined�and much, much more trouble. Between their explosive passion and a drug lord bent on payback, Santiago and Tess are in for one wild ride.


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Forbidden Fantasies
by Jaid Black, Sherri L. King, Lorie O'Clare, Cheyenne McCray, Jaci Burton

Ellora's Cave
October 1, 2008
Available: October 14, 2008
ISBN #1416578692
EAN #9781416578697
496 pages
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