In 2003, Nick Sagan exploded onto the scene with Idlewild, a highly original debut that inspired Stephen Baxter to say, "Sagan has a ferocious imagination." Edenborn returned to Sagan's hyperimaginative world in a stylish, thrilling work hailed by critics and embraced by readers. With Everfree, Sagan concludes the trilogy that is destined to become a classic.

As Everfree opens, a small group of humans have survived the apocalyptic epidemic called Black Ep, a disease that ravaged the world and left them alone on Earth. Their conflicting ideas about how to propagate the species, however, are a source of terrible strife. Worst of all, they have barely fended off a new strain of the illness that has made a deadly return.

Now, they have bioengineered a new synthetic organ that strengthens the human immune system exponentially. Finally, they have devised the key to their survival. And yet, the organ serves a purpose no human could possibly have imagined, for it will also enable them to communicate with an extraterrestrial species that has appeared on Earth. The disease was a riddle sent by the aliens, and by creating the organ needed to survive it, humanity has answered their call.

Inevitably, though, as more survivors are roused from their frozen sleep, there are those who disagree. People who remember power are waking up to a new world, and they do not intend to wait their turn. This begins Sagan's poignant story about the loss of innocence and the struggle to save civilization against savagery and evil.

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(Book 3)
by Nick Sagan

June 1, 2008
Available: June 3, 2008
ISBN #0451462165
EAN #9780451462169
304 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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