What if you jumped from a great height...toward a ground you couldn't see...and hours later, you were still falling?


The distant future, light years from Earth on the large planet Kratos. Kate Borrowdale and Jason Remington are part of a scouting mission to search for a precious mineral in the mountain peaks. An electromagnetic anomaly in the atmosphere repels any scans - the surface is an unexplored world.

Kate loves Jason from afar. He's already married, but she lives in hope. When a deadly storm hits, she finds him unconscious. To save his life, she must throw him over the edge and catch him on the way down, in freefall. Clipping them together as they fall, Kate prepares for a rough landing...but hours later, they're still falling! Why? Will they ever reach the ground?

The world below the clouds is an unforgiving desert. With only the supplies in her belt, Kate must drag Jason to shelter and sustenance, past any obstacle in their path. Deadly creatures soon begin to stalk them. Will he ever wake from his coma? How long might they be marooned? When hope of rescue finally comes crashing down, Kate and Jason realise they must rely on one another...for the rest of their lives. She's loved him from afar...what about up close? What future might the strange planet have in store for them?

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The Eleven Hour Fall
by Robert Appleton

Eternal Press
April 1, 2008
Available: April 7, 2008
ISBN #0980426383
EAN #9780980426380
54 pages
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