Alpha is every man's fantasy woman. She's beautiful, anatomically perfect, low-maintenance, and pure. She's a robot created by Dr. Cort Hirsch in the image of the woman who rejected him, Zoe Parker, film superstar.

Cort expects Alpha to be the "mother" of the race of dutiful service robots he plans to manufacture. Life with Alpha is not at all what Cort expected. He envisioned the sultry beauty cooking his meals and polishing his boots. Instead, she is placing orders for expensive kitchen equipment, perfumes, and clothing. And, damn it, she's smarter than he. Okay, she's not actually smarter. It's her ability to access a database containing every book, e-book, and source of knowledge in the world that makes her appear smarter.

Zoe, Alpha, and Cort are brought together when Alpha is photographed during a shopping trip, and thought to be Zoe. After seeing the robot's photo in a tabloid, Zoe and her manager devise a plan to catch a stalker using Alpha as the bait. They ask that Alpha act as Zoe's body double for an upcoming film, and insist Cort and Alpha move into Zoe's compound. During their stay, Cort's unwavering devotion is finally rewarded. Zoe seduces him and his passion is consummated.

When both Alpha and Zoe are in danger, Cort must decide which female to love and protect.

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Love's Reflection
by Carol North

July 1, 2008
Available: July 18, 2008
ISBN #158749678X
EAN #9781587496783
190 pages
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