A Tale of a Tail - Paula Calloway

Sea green eyes lure a brokenhearted woman too far over the ship railing and a headlong plunge wraps her in the embrace of a merman.

Atlantis Lost - Stephani Hecht

Ancient enemies from the long lost city of Atlantis--they couldn't deny their forbidden desires.

Amphibian Adventure - Madelaine Grant

On a last fling before marriage, Eden finds an old flame and an elusive sea creature while filming the undersea treasures of Atlantis.

A Pirate’s Dream - Amelia June

An inexperienced and gravely injured pirate finds succor...and the hands of an Atlantean sex healer.

Atlantean Wolves: Alphas - Tianna Xander, Bonnie Rose Leigh

One woman... One Ancient Atlantean... With thousands of years separating them, can love bring them together?

Ningyo: Umino Otoka - K. B. Forrest

Artus, the crown Merman, will fight to resist the King’s demand that he marry. Mithrus must persuade him, but his own heart seethes with desire.

Atlantis Woman Found - Adriana Kraft

Anthropology professor Cheri seeks a sizzling office rendezvous--but when she wakes up in Atlantis, she must choose between her lineage and her life Above.

Crossing Over - Sarah Dickson

For five years, Stefan senses Serena beyond the veil between this and the otherworld. One midsummer’s night he has a totally different underwater experience.

Going Under - Viola Grace

Arianna agreed to go to Aht-Lantys as a mail order bride. Javil was interested in bringing her into his world completely. Will the changes to her biology affect her change of heart, or will she be trapped going under?

The Key to Atlantis - Sophia Danu

Join Kyp on her perilous journey to Atlantis as she discovers who she is and the man she is meant to love.

Scorcher - D. J. Manly

A young scientist's erotic dreams lead him to rediscover a mysterious past, in what is believed to be the lost city of Atlantis.

Poseidon’s Passion - AP Miller

Zeus’s anger is unleashed when Poseidon takes a mortal bride.

Shifting Sands - Celine Chatillon

Arianna never expected to find her dream man on spring break or for him to be an incredibly handsome shapeshifter from Atlantis either!

Sliding into the Sea - C. D. Conejo

After a night of passionate longing, Danilo leaves Sabrina and the rising tides of Atlantis. Can their ardor survive Danilo's year at sea?

Subterfuge - Diane Layers

Subterfuge: is a sexual plan to hide an objective. Even the Atlantians did it with help from a friend.

The Eight Pearl - Evelyn Starr

The ancient Prophecy is about to be fulfilled in the union of sin and purity, of heat and desire. Of male and female.

The Moon Dancer - Alexis Anthony

The loveliest dancer of them all, the talented Altra, calls on Abojer, the ugliest priest in Atlantis, to satisfy her carnal needs.

The Moon Priestess - Laura Tolomei

Keylar has nightmares warning of impending disasters. She plans to take her people to safety, but a stranger says it’s a trap. Passionately involved, Keylar hesitates.

The Noble Athenian - Alexis Anthony

Trontarow, the great Atlantean Admiral, returns home from the war. With him he brings Diapaxia, a noble Athenian, as a gift for his lovely wife, Vyllia.

The Whip Festival - Jackie Rose

Fierce warriors make love to other men and flog young boys for fun. Will an innocent bride discover an even more shocking secret about them?

To Love a Mortal - Tonya Ramagos

Dira has loved Phymos all her life but he won't give her a passing glance…until she puts on the necklace.

Vanished - Gabriella Bradley

When a sexy man approaches her from the sea, he resembles Janna’s missing fiancé. Is she dreaming?

Below the Sea - Lynn Crain

Can Lindsay become part of a poly-amorous family unit as is the Atlantean tradition?

Flame Rating: 4 Flames
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Shapeshifter, m/m

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Atlantis Allure
by Viola Grace, Bonnie Rose Leigh, Paula Calloway, Tianna Xander, Stephani Hecht

eXtasy Books
March 1, 2008
Available: March 15, 2008
ISBN #1554870259
EAN #9781554870257
356 pages
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