The ShadowEater is back—a Guardian of demons as foul as the netherworld from which he comes. A rip in the veil of time freed him; he hunts to multiply his strength to further rend the curtain. He’s been ordered to release Lucifer’s soldiers on earth.

Kylee Madison, wounded and in limbo, is comforted and companioned by the ghost of her identical twin sister, Keira—her beloved sister brutally murdered by the depraved ShadowEater. Identical twins are his prey as the mirrored souls magnify his thirst for corruption and bloodlust. But Kylee escaped his clutches, and he's frantic to find her and complete his grisly ritual. The Guardian cannot rest until their reunited heads complete his Octorum of mirrored twin skulls. He refuses to settle for anything less than undeniable, unstoppable, inescapable dominion over the earth and all its denizens.

Can a demon Guardian from the deepest depths of Hades be defeated by mere mortals? Join Kylee and FBI Special Agent Tanner Montgomery on their journey into the very bowels of the earth and beyond in this tale of hunger, depravity and corruption on a level unknown to mortal man. Immerse yourself in another world where mystical secret societies struggle to control the wars raging in Heaven, dead sisters aren’t really dead, and the last man on earth you’d want tagging along on a quest is sitting right there in your daddy’s ’57 Chevy.

Explore redemption, romance and rescue in a road trip to end all road trips. From the shores of Washington State to Arizona’s Meteor Crater; from the Statue of Liberty to the moors of Scotland; come along with Kylee and Tanner as they struggle to understand and destroy evil in its purest form—the ShadowEater. Walk with them atop the highest plateau in the world—Mount Roraima; enter with them the doorway to Hell.

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Identical Deception
by Lynda Hales

Stonehedge Publishing
February 1, 2008
Available: February 10, 2008
ISBN #1602760322
EAN #9781602760325
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