What do you call a day when the bacchanal is running late, your sacrifices are getting cold feet, you catch your werecat lover in bed with your high priestess, and the heads of the vampyric families want you hung off of the Acropolis at dawn?

Celeste DeCumpania calls it a Tuesday.

Born in a war camp and thought to be an illegitimate child of Julius Caesar, Celeste starts her life knowing that she is equal—if not better—than her male peers, but she knows that men still run the world, and learns to use them to get what she wants.

When she becomes a vampyre, the world doesn’t change much for her. She still knows that she needs men to help her move up and gain power in society. That’s when she discovers the power of sex. Not the actual act of sex—which she saves for special occasions—but the sexual tension that makes men (and women) tend to do what they may not have done normally. A coy smile, a fluttering of lashes, body parts touching as she brushes past...Celeste becomes a master of these games, and uses them to gain more powerful allies around her, such as Marco, the Roman soldier turned vampyre, and Vanity, her half-faerie/half werecat bodyguard.

Ironically, the more powerful she becomes, the more enemies she obtains, so the more powerful she has to become. It’s a vicious cycle that Celeste seems to feed off of. So much so that she raises her status from noblewoman to goddess, and quickly gets a following of human fanatics eager to be at her mercy...

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(The Books of Insanity: Vol. I)
by K. T. Pinto

Mundania Press LLC
December 1, 2007
Available: December 10, 2007
ISBN #1594263868
EAN #9781594263866
240 pages
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