When therapist Megan Chase promises listeners to her new radio call-in show she'll slay their personal demons, they believe her. So do the personal demons.

Megan doesn't know she's the only human alive without a personal demon on her shoulder. This, coupled with her psychic abilities, makes her a valuable weapon for any demon mob-like "family" lucky enough to gain her allegiance. It also makes her a serious threat not just to the personal demons, but to a soul-sucking Legion of Hell known as The Accuser. The Accuser already has an old score to settle with Megan, and sees this as the perfect time to do it.

But Megan isn't without allies as she's plunged back into a world she forgot existed. A member of a competing demon family sees Megan as his ticket to power, and sets about both protecting and seducing her with devilish intensity.

Can Megan, her new demon lover, a witch with poor social skills, and three cockney guard demons named Malleus, Maleficarum, and Spud defeat not only The Accuser, the personal demons, and the ghosts of Megan's past, but the reporter who threatens to destroy Megan's career as well?

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"New, fresh and fun! Sexy, devilish and quirky"
Reviewed by Amber Chalmers
Posted April 30, 2008

Megan is a psychic and Psychologist. A great mixture that has been helping her help others over the years. Things are going up in the world work wise when Megan gets her own radio call-in show. With the promise that she'll 'slay their personal demons' listeners are eager Read more...

"One of this summer's hottest paranormal reads!"
Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted July 3, 2008

What do you get when you cross a psychic therapist, a "hot" fire demon, one determined reporter, three cockney demon bodyguards, zombies, witches, one messed up therapy group and a demon that even hell is scared of? One of this summer's hottest paranormal reads! Stacia Kane gives us some Read more...


Personal Demons
(Megan Chase: Book 1)
by Stacia Kane

Wildside Press (Juno)
April 1, 2008
Available: April 1, 2008
ISBN #0809572559
EAN #9780809572557
304 pages
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