In a world without men, imprinter Lynn has a vital gift - the ability to link strands of DNA to create new life. Owned by the Temple, protected and effectively held prisoner there, she leads a life of quiet despair, shut away forever from her family and the world outside.

Then into her life comes Kim; tough, worldly and courageous, part of a squadron of rangers assigned to protect her on the journey throughmountains to Landfall, the holiest of the Temple sites. Kim is quickly drawn to the lonely young imprinter. But as the two women grow closer, they know they are putting themselves in grave danger. For in a world where the Church rules the State, there are people who will stop at nothing to make sure that Lynn can never escape.

Author's Note The Celaeno are all intended to be standalone novels that are set on the same planet and only sometimes reuse the same characters, so the order is not critical. However, I think of them in the order I wrote them, and taking the series in this order this will let the reader follow me as my conception of the planet acquires more detail and layering. However this is not the chronological order of the stories.

so the order written in:

1) The Temple at Landfall 2) The Walls of Westernfort 3) Rangers at Roadsend 4) Dynasty of Rogues 5) Shadow of the Knife (due March 2008)

and chronological order:

1) Shadow of the Knife (due March 2008) 2) Rangers at Roadsend 3) The Temple at Landfall 4) The Walls of Westernfort 5) Dynasty of Rogues

As you can see, readers determined to follow the chronological order will have a problem, in that the earliest book is not yet published. I also reserve the right to write books preceding this, should a suitable plot occur to me.

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The Temple at Landfall
(The Celaeno Series: Book 1)
by Jane Fletcher

Bold Strokes Books
November 1, 2005
Available: November 30, 2005
ISBN #1933110279
EAN #9781933110271
296 pages
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