The impact on the future of humanity is uncertain but the experiment has just catapulted the course of human evolution centuries into the future. It was Arnold Freemontís plan to create an indestructible army of men completely under his control. He injects men with an experimental gene therapy that goes awry; the cells replicate and they want to breed. The Neechi Cell Serum slowly kills the men that are injected but before they die painfully, the mutated genes coalesce in the testes of the human male and bind with his sperm. While other parts of the body shuts down the pelvic area stays healthy and intact. The cells die off as soon as they are exposed to the air so the diabolical scientist that works for Arnold Freemont suggests that they be deposited directly into an ovulating womb.

Jonas Blake heads an investigating team out to stop Freemont. He rescues the captive women but finds himself inexplicably drawn to JaNiece Markham. She is impregnated by an unknown entity and feels lost and alone until she and Jonas start to depend on each other, growing closer and closer as the months pass.

But Arnold Freemont wonít give up. Although they have stolen his specimens he vows to get them back no matter what it takes. Heís used to stepping all over people to get what he wants.

This is a sizzling love story of good winning over evil, of triumph born out of tragedy; of two people finding each other despite insurmountable odds.

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The First Time: Humecupeds, The Beginnings
by Lina Dillard

Whiskey Creek Press (Torrid)
November 1, 2007
Available: November 1, 2007
ISBN #1603130128
EAN #9781603130127
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