He used her. She canít trust him. But the fire burns between them hotter than ever.

For Level Seven Observer Cahn Dal, her mission is simpleóon the surface. Travel 700 years into the past, alter a complicated equation that will assure the continuation of this timeline, and slip out unnoticed. Except someone else got there first, and heís waiting for her. Alexander Roen. The man her parents believed in, for whom they died. The man she has loved since she was a teenager, and to her disgust, finds she still desires as hot and as hard as ever.

Roen, former Level One Observer and known traitor to the Foundation, needs Cahnís help to find out whoís behind a massive conspiracy to alter the timeline. He knows she wonít trust him, but an old injury keeps him from performing the mission himself. His body isnít too broken, though, to forget his long-denied passion for Cahn.

Cahn reluctantly agrees to penetrate the defenses of the massive Citadel to find the one piece of evidence that will solve Roenís puzzle. But when she finds it, barely escaping with her life, they find it isnít the end.

Itís just the beginning of a deeper nightmare, one filled with monsters of unimaginable horror.

Warning, this title contains the following: sex and graphic violence.

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7% and Rising
by Kim Knox

Samhain Publishing
November 1, 2007
Available: November 27, 2007
ISBN #1599986957
EAN #9781599986951
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