In the twilight shadows, nothing is what it seems, and not all the monsters have claws.

Book Three in the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series.

While leading an amateur ghost-hunting expedition in Asheville, NC, Bay City Paranormal is called to investigate Sunset Lodge, a rustic inn situated on a remote Smoky Mountain peak. In recent weeks, employees and guests alike have seen a weird, frightening creature in the forest near the lodge. A creature which sounds all too familiar to the BCPI team.

Sam Raintree doesnít want to deal with another interdimensional gateway. The last one they faced nearly took the life of Samís employer and lover, Dr. Bo Broussard, and Sam canít stand the thought of it happening again. Especially now that he and Bo are finally together and working through their problems. But Samís psychokinetic abilities give him the power to permanently close the gateways, and he canít bring himself to ignore that. With the safety of the Sunset Lodge staff and guests at stake, Sam, Bo and their colleague, Dean Delapore, make the trip to the Lodge to determine if it indeed hosts a portal to another dimension.

Once at Sunset Lodge, a missing man, a grisly discovery and a moment of carelessness converge to reveal secrets much differentóand far uglieróthan any the BCPI team expected. Secrets which not only put their lives in danger, but which might provide Sam with an escape from the portals. If heís willing to take it.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit m/m sex, graphic language, violence.

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(Bay City Paranormal Investigations: Book 3)
by Ally Blue

Samhain Publishing
October 1, 2007
Available: October 30, 2007
ISBN #1599986205
EAN #9781599986203
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