Born in 1864 to a wealthy coastal family, Vesper Highgate-Adaire was well on her way to becoming a first-rate stripper just like her mother. A stripper of boots and brass off the bodies of wrecked sailors, in accordance with family traditions—the traditions of the Mooncusser clan. Traditions that changed after the wrecking of a ship befouled by an accursed sea captain—who in his twisted rage, shared his curse with the clan.

They became Shadow Lovers, the lot of them, for all time, cursed to feed upon those energies best expended only between husband and wife. Or upon blood. And only on the dark of the moon.

Forced to leave their beloved beach so as not to saturate the land with their poison, only Vesper remained behind to care for the family estate, and wait for the unholy captain’s return.

But time and tide and the feverish nightmares left behind in her victims after her embrace do not wait for dark nights to move in their unstoppable, mysterious ways. A juggernaut of hellish proportions is coming to the beach—and there’s only one way to stop it. Hard-headed and proud, Vesper won’t accept that fact. She’d rather die fighting than flee and live. Good thing the only person alive able to control a Mooncusser’s daughter has returned to the cove. And his blood-ties to the beach are just as thick as hers.

Mooncusser Cove -- a modern day retelling of Frankenstein with a Brigadoon twist. Ghost ships! Curses! Land pirates! Vampires who feed on sexual energy! The persecution of witches! Just another day at Vespers by the Sea bed-and-breakfast at Mooncusser Cove.

Content: public sex, the abuse of English cucumbers, antique car sex, alternative personal orifice sex, vampirism, possession, trickery, deceit and general acts of piratey mayhem.

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Mooncusser Cove
by Darragha Foster

Liquid Silver Books
September 1, 2007
Available: September 10, 2007
ISBN #1595783830
EAN #9781595783837
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