Detective Bach didn’t like getting thrown off the case of the Feather Boa Killer just because he’d begun to suspect it was personal between him and the killer. Turns out he was right -- the killer follows him to Los Regalos and picks up his murderous spree there. Bach likes it even less when his new partner at Los Regalos is a lady detective with a really bad temper, snakes in her hair, bat wings, and an infallible nose for murder. Oh, yeah, and Cissy’s got a mushy heart for animals -- lots of animals. And she’s a triplet. And a goddess -- really! His head hurts.

Cissy’s real name is Tisiphone the Fury, and she’s been trying to find her own individuality since she and her sisters decided to live on different continents. What’s a Fury supposed to do except become a murder detective at Los Regalos? Now her contract is near an end and she’s weighing her options. That is, until Detective Bastian Bach walks into her precinct and dumps the case of a serial killer on Cissy’s desk. Her nose tells her more. Bach’s right. It’s personal.

And it’s about to get really personal.

Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Action/Adventure

Theme(s): Witches, Wizards & Magic, Viva Los Regalos

Series: Viva Los Regalos

Length: Novella

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Beware The Fury
(Viva Los Regalos)
by Lena Austin

Changeling Press
September 1, 2007
Available: September 28, 2007
ISBN #1595967044
EAN #9781595967046
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