From Jon Courtenay Grimwood, author of the celebrated Arabesk series, comes a stunningly inventive novel of futuristic noir set in a world of shifting realities. Here a man is drawn into a gritty postmodern subculture and a secret kingdom of otherworldly beings to find what he lost long ago: a reason to live.

Kit Nouveau figured heíd already come to the end of the world. An Iraqi war veteran, expatriate, and part owner of Pirate Maryís, the best Irish bar in Tokyo, Kit had settled down to await the inevitable with barely a whimper. It wasnít exactly how Kit thought heíd end up, and he was right.

Itís going to end up a lot worse.

A teenage runaway with fifteen million dollars in stolen cash and a taste for cosplay is about to save Kitís life in a lethal swirl of scarlet and bridal lace. Lady Neku, a.k.a. Countess of High Strange, has her own dangerous destiny to fulfill and itís mysteriously connected to Kitís ravaged past. Now Kitís only hope for redemption is to save an ex-girlfriend he tragically failed once before. But everyone says itís already too late. And sheís left behind only one ominous clue: her suicide note.


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End of the World Blues
by Jon Courtenay Grimwood

September 1, 2007
Available: September 25, 2007
ISBN #0553589962
EAN #9780553589962
368 pages
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