Delta Colony is a single-sex society founded by the female survivors of an Earth destroyed by bio-weapons. With technology making it simple to reproduce independently from males, they are determined to ensure male aggression will never again threaten survival.

Devolved to a primitive state of ignorance and barbarity, those who were once called men — stallions — live out their short and brutal lives inside a secure enclosure.

Dorothea finds herself helplessly drawn to them. Despite the shameful consequences should she ever be discovered, her desires compel her to visit the enclosure where the stallions roam wild and free.

Her lust for the brutes has always been impersonal until the day she accidentally discovers a stallion living inside a hidden cave. Immediately, she knows he is different from all the others. Like them, he is tall, his body hard with muscle, but there is an intelligence in his expression and a beauty to his form that captivates her. So begins Dorothea's adventure…a journey behind her society's carefully preserved façade to explore dark lusts and the fulfillment of unthinkable desires…

Reader Advisory: Story contains explicit sexual scenes and same-gender sex.

Genre : Futuristic/Sci-Fi

Book Length: Plus Novel

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by Julian Masters

Cerridwen Press
August 1, 2007
Available: August 23, 2007
ISBN #1419910655
EAN #9781419910654
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