This killer dreams in shades of death….

In each of her New York Times bestselling novels, critically acclaimed author Kay Hooper has led readers to unforgettably chilling encounters with fear and evil. Now, in her latest thriller, she takes us on a terrifying manhunt for a serial killer no ordinary cops can stop–a psychopath who seems to step out of a living nightmare.

He’s the kind of killer we instinctively fear the most. A killer without boundaries, without conscience, without any fear of being caught. And his latest victim is terrifying proof that no one is safe: the daughter of a powerful U.S. senator.

Now, with the national media calling for justice and a grief-stricken father seeking vengeance, Bishop and his FBI Special Crimes Unit find themselves in a unique situation. This time even psychic cops aren’t enough to stop evil. Aid comes in the form of a fledgling civilian organization of unorthodox crime stoppers. Operating outside of any government oversight, without sanction or official authority, they are comprised of a membership every bit as talented and eccentric as Bishop’s SCU–if not more so. And that is no coincidence. For Bishop helped launch this organization barely two years before.

Dani Justice knows all about monsters. They haunt her nightmares–and her life. But she never expected to find herself doggedly on the trail of a real flesh-and-blood predator so cunning, he’s eluded the best law enforcement could send up against him; so deadly, he doesn’t hesitate to kill even a senator’s daughter. Or a cop.

Dani doesn’t want to hunt this killer. She doesn’t want to risk the life she’s made for herself, or her hard-won peace. But she doesn’t have a choice. Because his bloody rampage has hit far too close to home. Because Dani alone commands a weapon powerful enough to destroy him. And because Dani knows something even Bishop doesn’t. Dani knows how the hunt ends. It ends in fire. And blood. And death.

What she doesn’t know is who will survive.

A note from Kay: A Note from Kay: I'm very excited to be able to tell you that this new "Blood" trilogy is the first in the series to actually be a true trilogy: there is a story arc that begins in Blood Dreams, continues through Blood Sins, and concludes in Blood Ties. Each of the three titles will stand on its own, as every book in the series does, but I thought it was time to also tell a bigger, three-part story entangling not only Bishop and his SCU, but also the new civilian organization of gifted investigators Bishop himself helped found: Haven.


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Blood Dreams
(Bishop/Special Crimes Unit: Book 10)
by Kay Hooper

December 1, 2007
Available: December 31, 2007
ISBN #0553804847
EAN #9780553804843
320 pages
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