Werewolf hunter Simon Conner is so close to achieving his goal—or so he thinks. Little does he know that the werewolf he left for dead has awakened to avenge himself and the disappearance of his mate.

Werewolf hunter, Simon Conner, thinks he has finally won. After a successful raid upon a safe haven for psychics, vampires and werewolves, he has come closer to his final goal than ever before. Rose Sullivan, a werewolf, is the key to unleashing his terrible plot and she is finally within his grasp.

Having witnessed Simon’s terrible anger upon her mate in the raid, Rose believes him dead and has lost all hope. At the mercy of her captors, Rose learns the secret of Simon’s plans. Horrified, she realizes her only chance of freedom is to put her trust into human hands.

Jason Barnett, a half-blood werewolf, awakens to find his mate gone, in the clutches of the very man that left him for dead. Enraged, he vows to find Rose and destroy Simon once and for all. On his journey of revenge, he encounters fellow werewolves, banded together in their fight for survival and together they uncover more about Simon than they ever wanted to know.

This is Book Two of the Moon Series. Books are recommended to be read in order.

Warning, this title contains the following: graphic language, explicit violence, including murder and sex explained in contemporary language.

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Blood Moon
(Moon series: Book 2)
by Rose Marie Wolf

Samhain Publishing
July 1, 2007
Available: July 10, 2007
ISBN #1599985276
EAN #9781599985275
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