The adventure concludes in this, the last installment in the BOOK OF DRAGONS saga. The long journey is almost over for Rhyden Fabhcun and the Oirat. They've made it to the ancient, underground city of Heese, but so have their mortal enemies, the Khahl. The ruthless spirit-queen Mongoljin has grown more powerful than even the Oirat's greatest ally, Trejaeran Muirel, and in the end, it will be up to Rhyden to face her in a desperate final stand. And if Rhyden fails, he'll not only lose everyone and everything that has grown dear to him-but also face banishment in a nightmarish realm of eternal darkness.

Meanwhile, Aedhir Fainne finds himself on the eve of battle, joining the ranks of the Enghan army against the indomitable might of the Torachan empire. Will a final bargain with their enemies insure the safe return of the young Enghan heir, and Aedhir's own children, or will Aedhir risk everything-including war-to save those he loves?

And in the imperial stronghold of Kharhorin, rumor of political upheaval shakes the city to its very foundation and imperial consul Aulus Tertius spares no expense-or brutal effort-to insure that his holdings remain in his sadistic possession-especially Aedhir's daughter, Aelwen.

Friends will be lost, innocence shattered, blood shed and worlds forever changed in a race against time to see who will reach the dragons' lair first-and who will survive long enough to lay claim to the dragons.

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Book of Dragons: Vol. 5 of 5
(Chronicles of Tiralainn Series: Book 3)
by Sara Reinke

Double Dragon
June 1, 2007
ISBN #1554044596
EAN #9781554044597
366 pages
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