In the second-to-the-last installment in this epic adventure, each treacherous step leads young Temuchin Arightei closer to his destiny -- and the dragons. When a tragic betrayal leaves the Oiratís map to the lair lost forever, only Rhyden Fabhcun can help them continue in their quest. But to discover the secrets of the dragons, Rhyden must risk sacrificing his life -- and his very soul.

Meanwhile, Aedhir Fainne finds himself caught between a battle ax and the grave when he stands accused of murder among the Enghan. Itís up to his new-found ally, Eirik Gerpir, to save him -- but will Eirik be willing to assume the mantle of leadership over his people he has so long shunned in order to prove his friendís innocence?

And miles away in the imperial city of Kharhorin, Lieutenant Pryce Finamur continues his desperate ruse to keep the young Enghan heir, Einar Eirikson, safe. As his plan begins to crumble and his true identity is suspected, can he protect Einar -- and Aedhirís daughter, Wen -- from the cityís sadistic and ruthless leader, Aulus Tertius?

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Book of Dragons: Vol. 4 of 5
(Chronicles of Tiralainn Series: Book 3)
by Sara Reinke

Double Dragon
April 1, 2007
ISBN #1554044391
EAN #9781554044399
338 pages
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