In the second installment of this epic adventure, Rhyden Fabhcun must forge a tentative peace with his captors, the nomadic Oirat tribe, and their beautiful, strong-willed leader, Aigiarn Chinuajin. Aigiarn gives Rhyden a bargain he is hard-pressed to refuse: translate a cryptic map that will lead the Oirat to an ancient dragonsí lair, and she will set him free. The only problems -- the map is written in a long-lost language and Rhyden has less than two weeks to decipher it.

Time grows even shorter when the Oiratís mortal enemies, the Khahl embark in a deadly pursuit. They, too, are in search of the dragonsí lair, and will stop at nothing to claim it first. Rhyden and the Oirat have Trejaeran Muirel on their side, but even that might not be enough. Trejaeran was the most powerful Elfin seer in the world when he was alive; now, fifteen years after his death, his spirit is nearly indomitable...that is, until the Khahl conjure up a mighty spirit of their own.

Meanwhile, Captain Aedhir Fainne continues his desperate efforts to rescue Rhyden. A wrong turn becomes deadly when Aedhir and his crew stumble across the path of the Enghan, a tribe of brutal warriors. The would-be heroes are taken captive or killed, and Aedhir finds himself more than off course -- he is now in the middle of a turf war in which he must choose sides or die.

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Book of Dragons: Vol. 2 of 5
(Chronicles of Tiralainn Series: Book 3)
by Sara Reinke

Double Dragon
December 1, 2006
ISBN #1554044111
EAN #9781554044115
262 pages
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