Rhyden Fabhcun is tired of being a hero. In the last twenty years, he has survived two wars, fought countless battles, lost friends, severed family ties and earned himself the status of a living legend in his native realm of Tiralainn. Now he is returning to his home across the sea, his life as an ambassador to the Torachan empire, and what he expects will be a predictable, uneventful, if not lonely existence.

Aedhir Fainne, Captain in the Crown Navy of Tiralainn, is escaping his past as well, and offering Rhyden passage to Torach had seemed just as good a means as any. Aedhir is sailing without orders aboard a ship he has stolen, and faces jail time -- or worse -- if he dares to return. He never anticipated that along the way, Rhyden would save his life, or put his own reputation and honor on the line to see him vindicated.

A violent storm at sea changes everything. Aedhir’s ship is forced to port in the Torachan city of Capua, a place of ill-repute that’s anything but undeserved. A night on the town turns into a brush with destiny when Rhyden is abducted, sold into slavery and bought by a band of primitive nomads called the Oirat. The Oirat believe Rhyden is a mystical guide promised to them by ancient prophecy that will lead them to a hidden, underground dragons’ lair and help them restore their lost kingdom.

Rhyden finds himself caught between a rock and the grave, but as he grows to know the Oirat -- particularly their beautiful, fiery-tempered leader, Aigiarn Chinuajin and her young son, Temuchin -- he finds that his journey home may not be as far off-course as he had first believed.

Meanwhile, Aedhir sets out in a race against time to rescue Rhyden. When his course crosses paths with the Enghan, fierce but beleaguered warriors desperately defending their lands against the encroaching Torachan empire, he finds himself caught in a bloody turf war in which he must choose sides -- or die.

Bound by ancient prophecies and newfound promises, all of these paths will inevitable collide in a violent, culminating clash, as across the sea from Tiralainn, a new legend is born.

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Book of Dragons: Vol. 1 of 5
(Chronicles of Tiralainn Series: Book 3)
by Sara Reinke

Double Dragon
October 1, 2006
ISBN #1554044014
EAN #9781554044016
276 pages
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