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Not All Treasure is Gold by Teresa Wayne

Kidnapped by the worst kind of lowlife, Corina is in trouble. Is there anyone capable of saving her from the clutches of a vicious pirate? Or will she be forced to succum to his sexual ravaging? Will she end up having to lose her dearest treasure?

An honorable pirate, Captain Samuel Christensen is hired to rescue a young lady of substancial importance. Finding himself falling for her charms is not what he had planned. Will he be forced to part with his new found treasure? Or, will he and Corina lose both their treasure forever?

The Captain's Prize by Jaden Sinclair

Lexandra Graham was lost in a card game at sixteen to the pirate called Snake, but never knew about it. Now at age eighteen she is a pawn used to help get her father out of the large debt he has created for himself.

For two years, Snake has been looking for his prize. Hunting the seas and tracking her down. Now that he has his little hellion; will he be able to tame her, or will she be the one to bring him to his knees?

Curse of the Blue Stone by Cara North

Delia Monroe is obsessed with pirates. So much so when an ancient curse brings a real live pirate back from the depths of Davy Jones' Locker, she leaps at the opportunity to fulfil her personal fantasy.

Captain Augustus Lisanna had been waiting for 300 years for an heir to surface and wear the blue stone. Now that he has the stone, he can return it to the rightful owner and live or die a free man.

Sex Marks the Spot by Ann Cory

An evening aboard an exotic cruise ship turns into a nightmare for Charlotte Alderman. Cold and wet, she makes her way ashore on what appears to be a deserted island, until she runs into a devastatingly handsome stranger with a sword. The last thing she needs is to fall for some ill-mannered pirate who only has gold and jewels on his mind.

Captain Phineas Parr gets quite a surprise when he comes across a beautiful lass draped over the very spot he plans to dig for buried treasure. Convinced she is a spy working for his arch-enemy, Fowler, he decides to keep an eye on her, though to look at her is more of a pleasure than a pain.

As Charlotte helps search for the hidden booty, she discovers that adventure has been missing in her life, while Phineas realizes that love can be the greatest treasure of all. The only thing standing in their way is a murderous pirate with a score to settle.


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A Pirate's Treasure
by Teresa Wayne, Ann Cory, Jaden Sinclair, Cara North

Mardi Gras Publishing
January 1, 2007
Available: January 20, 2007
ISBN #1934329185
EAN #9781934329184
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