Grounded in an ancient musical paradox, Natasha Mostert's thrilling second novel is a tour-de-force of mystery and violence. It is the most compelling music ever invented. Born of a wildly successful computer game, Angel music has taken the world by storm. Some worry about the way it hypnotizes its listeners; others, that its addicts can become violent - but most are simply captivated by its beauty. Behind the music from the computer game called The Angel's Key are three brilliant young men. Their goal is to create a perfect musical scale, and with the help of the enormous computing power the game's addicts bring when they play it, they are getting very close to success. Now, Jon Falconer, the American mathematician who made it all possible, has come to Africa to follow up a tantalising clue: the sound created by the natural bell- like stones called rock gongs. He finds both new enlightenment and Tia, a woman who already understands the gongs' primitive power. Stephen Yale, the visionary Englishman who began the quest for perfect tuning, and Jon's brother Richie, the genius computer hacker who made the game a success, follow him. As Stephen and Jon both fall in love with Tia, the music's hold grows ever stronger, the musical scale comes closer and closer to perfection - and the world comes to the brink of an unimaginable catastrophe. One that can only be averted by an unimaginable sacrifice.


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The Other Side of Silence
by Natasha Mostert

Hodder & Stoughton
January 1, 2001
ISBN #0340767995
EAN #9780340767993
365 pages
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