Where can a perpetual outsider find a home when he doesnít ďbelongĒ anywhere? Welcome to the Magitech Lounge.

Thereís no place like it on Earth. Or anywhere in the Confederacy of Human Worlds, for that matter. Itís a place where the terminally weird gather to find companionship, friendship, and redemption. Here, magic meets high technology and humanity looks at itself in the mirror of infinite possibilities. Located on a side-street not far from the legendary Haight Street in San Francisco, the Magitech Lounge is a place of wonder for normals and preternaturals alike.

Jackís an ordinary enough fellow, a former time-traveler with a unique perspective on life. He didnít set out to make his lounge a place of refuge for the paranormal, but thatís what itís become. A place where rogue immortals might wander in and the person in the mirror might not be just a reflection.

Welcome to the Magitech Lounge, where being a freak isnít only accepted, but expected.

ďTales from the Magitech Lounge,Ē the newest novel from the keyboard of futuristic urban fantasy author Saje Williams, is the first book in his new Infinity: Empire series.

Warning, this title contains the following: Adult language and violence.

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Tales from the Magitech Lounge
(Infinity: Empire: Book 1)
by Saje Williams

Samhain Publishing
May 1, 2007
Available: May 1, 2007
ISBN #1599984679
EAN #9781599984674
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