A collection of short stories detailing a race against time to put a stop to Madam Veil and her house of horrors...

Lilyís Shadow: Drogan has lusted after innocent Lily since the moment they first met. But because heís her co-worker, thereís a line between them sheíll never cross. Or, will she? The consummate professional, he doesnít believe Lily has ever looked at him the way he wants her to. But when she falls under Madam Veilís spell, boundaries are crossed and he learns the truth. Under the guise of Shadow, Madam Veilís trusted mortal, Drogan must make a choice.

Rise of the Phoenix: He has heard the legend of one who would rise and defeat the great vampire, Jamaal, but that doesnít deter Grigore who lost the will to live when Jamaal murdered his beloved. Grigore has taken advantage of the charm protecting Madam Veilís house and hidden himself away in hope of forgetting that he couldnít save the one he loved. But when he lay eyes upon the radiant Phoenix, the one prophecies had foretold would appear, Grigore once again comes to life. Within her lies the answer to his long distant prayers.

Danteís Karma: While her boss wants her to get the scoop on the mysterious house upon Devilís Hill, Karma just wants to lose herself. The mysterious man who sweeps her off her feet isnít the police captain sheís been sent to find, but the intriguing air about him and strange lack of a heart beat in his chest draw her to him like no other. Tempted by desire, the future oracle is compelled to follow the path placed before her, locking herself in a room with the confessed a vampire.

A Captainís Curse: After her parents were slaughtered by a pack of werewolves, and her sister was whisked away by vampires, white witch Kendra has no desire to help the enigmatic stranger who begs for her help. Hartigan may be a Police Captain, but heís also a werewolf hiding under Madam Veilís protection. As far as Kendra is concerned, heís lost to humanity. But can he be redeemed? Will Kendra do as the oracle pleads and save the sexy captain?

Saving Grace: Upon receiving a vision of her own death, Madam Veil flies to the land of her birth in an attempt to prevent her demise. Unwittingly stepping into a trap, she is unable to exact her fury on the band of do-gooders. Transported back in time, Madam Veil finds herself once again tied to the stake and about to burn for her sin of witchcraft. Can the woman, once known as Hartless Grace, find her humanity? Or will she succumb to a fate already lived and return to her life of evil immortality?


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The Devil's Veil
by Rose Middleton

Linden Bay Romance
August 1, 2006
ISBN #1905393814
EAN #9781905393817
226 pages
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