Millie is a timejumper. She never knows when or where she is going to appear next. Once she arrives at a new place it is up to her to determine where and when she is...and do her best to survive until she goes back to her current time.

This time she literally falls out of the sky. From her clothes and surroundings she thinks she is in Roman times. She meets a baker named Carlo who befriends her, mistaking her as a runaway slave. Millie and Carlo are immediately attracted to each other and become intimate. The next day there is an earthquake. As Carlo points to the volcano that caused the earth to move, Millie discovers she is in Pompeii...the day before the city is destroyed...


"Can I touch you?" he asked her in a whisper.

"Yeah," Millie whispered back. There was nothing more she wanted than to feel his hands on her skin. She wanted him to touch her everywhere. Her desire made her breathless.

Carlo reached up to put his hands on her waist and bent forward to kiss her belly button.

Millie could feel his warm breath on her stomach. She felt herself sway slightly. He was making her lightheaded. His mouth trailed down from her belly button to between her legs. She parted them more for him, to give him easier access to where she wanted his mouth. Carlos paused and looked up at Millie.

"I want to taste you. I bet you are sweet, like wine," he said.

Millie was breathless and could only nod her head yes to him. She watched him move to her wet sex. When she felt his tongue lap at her folds her legs trembled uncontrollably. Millie moaned out loud when Carlo used his hands to gently open her folds so he could lick her clit. She started to run her fingers in his hair then closed her eyes. She still didn't know where she was, but she was starting to believe she had ended up in heaven. Millie knew if he continued licking and sucking her clit she would have an orgasm where she stood. While the sensations were wonderful, she didn't want to finish until she had felt him inside of her. She was almost thankful when he stopped and stood up to start to undress.

They were both silent. The only sound was of their breathing and the rustle of Carlo's clothes as he removed them. As Carlo undressed, Millie pulled off her gold chain with the watch placing it on top of her clothes at her feet.

When Carlo was undressed in front of her Millie could not help but stare at him. She had no idea he was so muscular. His chest was well defined and his abdominal muscles chiseled. His thighs bulged from the muscles. In addition, when Millie looked at his erection she felt herself blush. He was breathtakingly beautiful and for tonight, he was going to be all hers.

"You're beautiful," he told her as he started walking towards her.

Millie smiled at him a shy smile. "I was thinking the same thing about you," she answered him back. It was always so strange to her that she could not find a boyfriend in her own time, but throw her in another country and time period the most incredible men almost landed at her feet.

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Rain of Ash
(Timejumper: 1)
by Annmarie Ortega

Mardi Gras Publishing
March 1, 2007
ISBN #0978902483
EAN #9780978902483
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