Off to find her own twin flame, Aithne joins a traveling carnival to see the country. Unbeknownst to her, the carnival hides a secret and when she finally meets the owner, she finds that he is as handsome as he is secretive.

Milcham has searched for eight centuries for the one female to share his unique existence. In Aithne he finds a woman who tempts him into opening his heart and soul.

Together, they explore each other's fantasies, having fun as they explore the Carnival too. But before they can share their true feelings with each other, evil attacks and the reality of their pasts comes out.

Will Aithne and Milcham's love survive the truth? Or will an ancient enemy destroy all they have spent their lives searching for?


Milcham swore as the car went by the ground. Luckily, his Ferris wheel had a gondola car type of seat, so no one could really see what Aithne was doing. It was just the knowledge that she was going to give him a blow job in public that made him completely aroused and achingly hard in seconds. When her hand pulled his already engorged cock from his jeans, he moaned.

Aithne smiled at the sound. Her cheeks were flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and arousal, but she didn’t stop. She wanted to touch him. To taste him. To prove to him that she wasn’t ashamed of how they felt about each other. She was making this choice.

“You are so hard,” she whispered as she stroked his naked penis. “You feel like steel wrapped in silk.” She wrapped her hand around him and pumped gently. “Do you like this?”

“Assai, I like it too much.”

She laughed softly. “Never too much, Milcham.” She continued pumping, until a tiny bead of pre-cum appeared on the head. She bent and licked it off, causing him to groan even louder. “I do like your taste.”

Bending lower, she tugged his pants down slightly so she could get to his balls. They were tight and drawn up hard against his body, but she pulled them free and carefully rolled them in her hands.

“Christos!” Milcham exclaimed as he grabbed onto the side of the car. He closed his eyes, his face tight with pleasure.

“I think you’re ready,” Aithne murmured. Gently, she began to lick. Starting at his balls she licked slowly up the underside of his shaft until she got to the small ridge of flesh just below the base of the head. There, she rapidly flicked her tongue back and forth. She heard him swear and his hips thrust forward involuntarily.

Again, she started at the bottom and made her way up, but this time after the teasing flick of her tongue, she licked the weeping head, swirling her tongue into the slit where even more pre-cum oozed.

“Aithne,” Milcham gritted out, his voice tight with need. “Don’t tease me.”

She felt heady with the power she held over him at this moment. So often when they made love, he was in charge, but this time…she was, and she intended to savor the feeling. “Am I teasing?”

“You know you are!” He growled out the words.

“But Milcham,” she whispered, giving his cock a quick swipe with her tongue. “I haven’t even started yet.”

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Don't Tempt the Phoenix
by C J England

Mardi Gras Publishing
March 1, 2007
ISBN #1934329398
EAN #9781934329399
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