Deathstalker Legacy (Second Deathstalker series)

Owen's descendant Lewis is dragged unwillingly into emulating his ancestor's desperate heroism. Lewis just wants to be a good Paragon (a kind of high-tech supercop/knight) and faithfully serve his best friend, King Douglas. Unfortunately, Lewis and the king's intended bride fall hopelessly in love. Even more unfortunately, as if there weren't enough monstrously subversive groups plotting against the throne from outside the court, Lewis's jealous rival, Finn, who has a perfect Paragon's surface but a brilliant sociopath's soul, succeeds in discrediting Lewis and throwing the government into disarray. And then the planet-scouring Terror erupts from another dimension.

Deathstalker Coda: the final volume of the great Deathstalker Saga. Two Deathstalkers must fight for the survival of Humanity: Lewis Deathstalker, in the present, and Owen Deathstalker in the past. While Lewis Deathstalker and his companions lead rebel forces against the evil usurper, Emperor Finn, the exiled King Douglas raises an army from the downcast and oppressed peoples of the Rookery. And Owen Deathstalker has his own mission: to seek out the dread secret that has turned his lost love Hazel d'Ark into the terrifying Terror. To do that, he must travel back in Time, further and further, visiting the Empire at different levels of its development, searching for the truth behind Hazel's transformation - before the Terror really does destroy everything ...


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Deathstalker Coda
(Deathstalker Second series: Book 3)
by Simon R. Green

February 1, 2005
Available: February 1, 2005
ISBN #0451460111
EAN #9780451460110
400 pages
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