In another time,
In a another realm,
Back through the swirling mists of antiquity...

Brekan, Druid of the ancient order of Palandor sends Keahla, outlawed Princess of Carrum Bahl, through a time portal to seek Radin Hawk, reincarnated soul of Ambroch, King of the Wolfhead.

Brekan must join together the Selected Four on the night that the moons are as one to re-enact the ritual that can raise the Blood King, Czaten, from the undead. Brekan needs Radin to slay the Blood King, so he himself can be released from a curse of immortality, which the gods of creation brought down upon him when he unwittingly tampered with the fates. But first they must wake him.

A handful of heroes must strive to be the first to uncover Arkgeld the lost spell book of Palandor, for only with this mystical book, can they unlock the spell to raise Czaten from his ensorcelled slumber. But they are not the only ones who seek the book. Anayha, Sorceress Queen, who through an enchantment of her own has managed to cheat death, also searches for the ancient tome to raise her former lover.

Will the Blood King live and bring chaos down upon the world as Anayha wishes? Or be slain by the hand of Radin Hawk, as Brekan has planned? And will Radin in following Brekan's plan, leave the woman he has loved in every lifetime undefended to once again die by an enemy's hand? What begins as a quest to stop a, Witch Queen, from raising her lover to destroy a nation, becomes a battle against the dark side of human nature...and a race against the crumbling gates of time.


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"A truly wonderful fantasy!"
Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 19, 2006

Princess Keahla was sent into the future by the Druid to find the Wolf, a great warrior. The only man who can save her people in her time. As she looks up at a cliff, she sees a man on a horse and immediately wonders if he is the one Read more...

"The adventures continue in the next book in the Tarlisian Saga"
Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 22, 2006

The adventures continue in Time of the Wolf, the third book in the Tarlisian Saga. Keahla, the exiled princess of Carrum Bahl, has a mission only she can fulfill. Her dear friend, Brekan the Druid, has sent her forward in time to bring back the one man who can solve Read more...


Time of the Wolf
by Julie D'Arcy

Mundania Press LLC
August 1, 2005
ISBN #1594260346
EAN #9781594260346
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