Track world under microscope...British sprinter tested positive for designer steroid undetectable until recently...Name of U.S. runner arises amid steriod scandal...Biggest steroid bust in sports history...100 athletes could be called to testify...White House drug czar's office interested...NFL says it will retest for designer steroids...Senate weighs action...Dozens of top Olympic and professional athletes to testify before a federal grand jury... Were these recent newspaper headlines written before or after these journalists read Dr. James Chlovechok's new novel "Game Face"?

What if you were offered a pill that promised to solve all of your problems? It would make you better at what you do. At everything you do. It isn't illegal, and no one would know. Would you take it?

And what happens if people you know start dropping dead? You don't know if that pill is responsible, or if those people were even taking it! You only know that if you stop taking that pill, you will lose everything. This is the errie and cutting edge premise that "Game Face" offers its readers.

Mark McKenzie is a forensic medicine specialist recruited by his boyhood friend, Detective Sergeant Tim McGregor, to investigate the death of an elite athlete. Mark is also a former decathlon star who never lived up to his potential. He had the power, the speed, and the brains. What he lacked was the attitude. The fire. In the course of the investigation, he makes a startling discovery: Now, attitude comes in a bottle.

"Game Face" is the name of a secret performance-enhancing drug. It provides something that no other chemical can: A mental edge. But its effects are erratic...and so is the behavior of some of its users. Neither this nor the fact that people are dying stops athletes from scrambling to get it. And this new chemical offers a bonus: It is undetectable by current testing methods.


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Game Face
by Dr. James Chlovechok

McKenna Publishing Group
November 1, 2004
ISBN #1932172130
240 pages
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