* The only thing Elle Medina has ever been a strong candidate for is a department store credit card . . . *

Application for Temporary Employment

Name: Elle Medina Marital Status: I'm separated from my fiancé, Louis Ferris. Occupation: He was a highly paid attorney. Employment History: You mean mine? Technically I haven't exactly worked before. But I'm very motivated and I work well with others. Most others. Usually. Career Goals: I thought I was happy with Louis, but now I'm not sure. I didn't want to be dumped for some floozy from Iowa, but since it's happened, I've been thinking in new ways. I really am eager to find out what I'm good at and pursue it in a formal job-type way. Salary Requirements: I need my own apartment (currently staying on childhood friend Maya's sofa) and a new car. And I've always wanted a dog. Oh, and I definitely need a shopping trip, because I have a date with this guy. He has toxic red hair, but we've got crazy chemistry...

So, am I hired?

Drama queen Elle Medina must be qualified for something other than shopping and causing trouble, but when she moves back home to Santa Barbara after the disastrous end of her engagement, just what she's suited for isn't clear. Bartender? Private eye? Stripper? Phone psychic? It seems like everything she tries ends in either humiliation or legal action—or both. Her best friend is getting sick of her, her new boyfriend's a con artist, and her creditors are on her trail. So why is this the happiest Elle's been in years?

In her debut novel, Lee Nichols will take you on a wild ride as she spins her tales of Elle Medina, a drama queen extraordinaire who manages to charm everybody in her path, even as she's spilling her drink on them.


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Tales of a Drama Queen
by Lee Nichols

Red Dress Ink
July 1, 2004
ISBN #0373250630
320 pages
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