Heiress to a Curse
(Hearts of Stone: Book 1)
August 1, 2010
Available: August 1, 2010
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Zandria Munson

Growing up in The Bahamas provided me with lots of inspiration. My childhood was flourished with tales of The lost City of Atlantis, mermaids, pirates and the like. I spent my summer vacations not traipsing about the beaches with kids my age, but at home, slipping in and out of my imagination. And when I wasnít doing that Iíd been absorbed in some Piers Anthony fantasy or snatching books from my motherís bookshelf (perhaps literature I shouldnít have been reading at that age). The days would lapse by in a blur of dragons, elves, orcs, winged-sandals, romance and migraine headaches (which I got from lack of sleep).

As I got older my desire to bring my fantasies to life became fervent. I started writing my first book at the age of thirteen. A historical romance centered around the travels of Christopher Columbus in 1492.

In 2008 while in college, I took a position at a local magazine, where I covered topics on life-and-health issues. I quickly realized that it wasnít right for me. My heart and mind were elsewhere. I wanted to create the magic and mystery of my own worlds rather than elaborating on mundane topics. And thus, my journey into novel writing began.

And when I am not writing novels I enjoy traveling, collecting antiques and pursuing my dream of becoming a screenwriter.

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