(Shadow World: Book 2)
July 1, 2011
Available: July 26, 2011
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Queen of Shadows
(Shadow World: Book 1)
August 1, 2010
Available: August 31, 2010
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Dianne Sylvan

Photo Credit: Lorrie Ottmers

Dianne Sylvan is a smart-mouthed, tattooed, Zaftig vegan writer who bakes like a goddess and snarks like a Scorpio.

She is the author of several books–two nonfiction and one forthcoming novel (first in a series)–as well as numerous articles and an online fiction series called The Agency.

Sylvan comes from a small Texas town but has lived in Austin, Texas, since the tender age of 18.

She lives with her two meow-beasties Stella and Owen, pictured below in all their fuzz-faced glory. She enjoys midnight drives, wearing fun socks, collecting cookbooks, baking and eating cupcakes, doing ecstatic dance and Nia, making mix CDs, and talking about herself in the third person.

The Power of the Meow-Beasties Compels You!

You can follow her on Twitter, be her friend on Facebook, or check out her occasional fits of art on DeviantArt. If you have a question for her, you can ask her on Formspring, as well as read other things people have asked her.

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