Sons of God
March 1, 2009
Available: March 1, 2009
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Rebecca Ellen Kurtz

According to the Christian Fantasy Review, when thinking of Sons of God, one should "think of Twilight, the Mummy movies or Indiana Jones full of paranormal activity. But this one has a Biblical worldview."

It's been dubbed the Da Vinci Code for Twilight, Hancock, & Indiana Jones fans and whispers of ghosts, demons and vampires hailing from the 1/2 angelic N'filim race found in the Bible.

A former high school history teacher, Rebecca has become a television writer and producer, historical film consultant, screenwriter, film producer, and author. Her film production company and small press, Ephesus LLC, chooses its projects on its extreme niche of discovering and interpreting historical and theological mysteries.

Rebecca currently writes on the Supernatural Blog, the Godly Goth Review, and many e-zine sites. Her script trilogy, Sons of God, has become a five novel series and has already attracted another producer and casting director. She is currently writing Aryan State for three interested producers and awaiting the final results of 1636 in script competitions before continuing development deals.

To one Christian Barnes & Noble manager, Sons of God is a perfect gift for any teen who is being drawn into the rapidly growing genre of Twilight, House of Night, and other YA books in the horror/occult genre. Blessedly, the Sons of God series is pro-God and anti-occult. Although just getting into several B&N stores, Sons of God has already made it to Amazon's Best-Seller List several times.

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