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March 1, 2010
Available: March 16, 2010
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Bob Mayer

Bob is the best-selling author of 40 books. He is a West Point graduate, served in the Infantry and Special Forces (Green Berets): leading an Infantry platoon and then Battalion and then Brigade level Reconnaissance platoons; commanding an A-Team and as a Special Forces battalion operations officer; commanded a training company, and was an instructor at the JFK Special Warfare Center & School at Fort Bragg. He also served in Special Operations Western Command on a variety of classified assignments. He has been studying, practicing and teaching change, team-building, leadership and communication for over thirty years.

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WHO DARES WINS: THE GREEN BERET WAY TO CONQUER FEAR AND SUCCEED was just published by Pocket Books. A draft of WHO DARES WINS: THE GREEN BERET WAY TO BUILD THE WINNING A-TEAM has been completed. In the pipeline are WDW books on Leadership and Communication, going into more detail on some of the material in the first book.

He use Who Dares Wins to help writers become successful authors with his Warrior Writer program

Who Dares Wins is also an excellent program for small businesses and sports teams to learn how to become elite like the Green Beret A-Team.

His books have hit the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, USA Today and other best-seller lists. He has been published in many genres, including thriller, science fiction, suspense, romance and non-fiction. He has appeared on PBS, NPR and the Discovery Military Channel and in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated and Army Times among other publications as an expert consultant. He has sold over 3 million books.

He is an honor graduate of the Special Forces Qualification Course, the Special Warfare Center Instructor Training Course and the Danish Royal Navy Fromandkorpset School. He is Master Parachutist/Jumpmaster Qualified and earned a Black Belt while living in the Orient and also taught martial arts. Bob earned an MA in Education. He also graduated the International Mountain Climbing School and completed 14 marathons including qualifying for the Boston Marathon and running it three times.

He's spoken before over 500 groups and organizations, ranging from SWAT teams, the University of Georgia, IT teams in Silicon Valley, the CIA, Fortune 500 company, Romance Writers of America and the Maui Writers Conference. He has written a Staff Walk for the Gettysburg Battle for the Special Warfare Center; a Special Forces Forward Operating Base Standing Operating Procedure; a Special Forces A-Team Standing Operating Procedure and contributed the Maritime Operations Standing Operating Procedure.

He brings a unique blend of practical Special Operations Strategies and Tactics mixed with the vision of an artist.

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