In Dreams Begin
November 1, 2010
Available: November 2, 2010
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and Falling, Fly
March 1, 2010
Available: March 2, 2010
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Skyler White

The child of two college professors, I grew up in an environment of scholarship and academic rigor, so naturally left high school to pursue a career in ballet. Iíve been dancing around research and thinking through muscle cramps ever since. I have a masterís degree in theater and work experience in advertising. I have won awards as a stage director and appeared on reality TV. I am a sucker for paradox. I am mother to a tall red-headed athlete and a short blond Lego master. Iím married to a Mohawk-wearing inventor, and I live in Texas. I didnít plan it that way, but I like it.

I wrote Falling because I wanted to tangle with Desire Ė with what it means to want and not get, with what turns desire into craving or addiction, and what takes it away. My research ranged from feminist accounts of female sexuality to scientific abstracts on the neurochemistry of attraction. Writing it changed the way I think about myself, my body, and my brain.

I wrote it because I needed to meet Olivia. Because I was interested in the difference between wanting and being wanted, Olivia can only feed on people who desire or fear her. Because I struggle with body image, sheís a shape-shifter. Because she let me wrestle with these things through her, she is an angel. And sheís still kicking my ass.

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