Beautiful Chaos
(Beautiful Creatures: Book 3)
October 1, 2011
Available: October 18, 2011
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Beautiful Darkness
(Beautiful Creatures: Book 2)
October 1, 2010
Available: October 12, 2010
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Beautiful Creatures
(Beautiful Creatures: Book 1)
December 1, 2009
Available: December 1, 2009
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Margaret Stohl

Writing has gotten me in and out of trouble since I was 15 (back then, mostly just in trouble.) I have written everything from video games and video game manuals to live action screenplays (one optioned, many never happened) and animation (one optioned, one never happened), as well as poetry in the UK & the US, marketing documents in Vegas, coverage for a big Hollywood agency where a guy walked around with a writing crop hitting desks, and an Imax movie (come to think of it, not sure what ever happened to that...?) For 10 years, I designed &/or wrote for lots of video games, one of which was nominated for ďMost Innovative Game Design,Ē but I lost to a rapping onion. If you know games you get why my two bad beagles are named Zelda and Kirby.

School: I spent more years in it than a person ever should, because letís face it, reading books is so much better than having a job. I fell in love with American literature at Amherst and Yale, earned an MA in English from Stanford, and studied creative writing under the late great poet George MacBeth at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. I taught Intro to Film as a TA at Yale and Romantic Poetry as a TA at Stanford. Donít tell the people at Yale but sometimes I taught the section before Iíd seen the movie it was about...

I live in Santa Monica, CA, with my family, most of whom were enslaved into working with me in one form or another on my forthcoming YA book for Little, Brown. Iím not kidding; when my daughters wanted to go to school I said ďWhy are you so selfish? Get back in there and edit,Ē and by said I mean yelled and maybe threw things, itís all a haze. I have a writing partner named Kami and she is why we ever get anything done. (Well, K and the daughter-slaves...)

And so we wrote a book this year, and itís going to come out in lots and lots of countries in a few months. And I am really, really hoping there is no hot title about a rapping onion coming out at the same time.

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