The Untamed Beast
June 1, 2009
Available: June 1, 2009
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Kate Donovan

Born in Ohio and raised there and in Rhode Island, I moved to California in high school and now live in the Sacramento area with my husband Paul, my son and my daughter. You may have seen Paul mentioned in many of my book dedications. Heís terrifically supportive and very inspiring. Until recently, we had a sweet dog named Murphy and a charming cat named Scooter. We lost both of them last year to the ravages of old age, but they will live on forever, not only in our hearts, but in Murphís case, also in my September 2006 Bombshell SPIN CONTROL, which was dedicated to him and stars a little puppy named Murphy. (Meanwhile, my daughter recently brought home a long-haired Chihuahua puppy named Peanut, and even though we werenít really ready for another dog yet, the little devil has charmed us completely.)

Iím an attorney as well as a writer. I also love to cook. For relaxation, I write stories that will never, ever sell but that I just love playing around with. As you can imagine, I love to read, although I donít do enough of it any more. I adore movies and am addicted to several TV shows. Currently, Iím into Rome, Heroes, 24, and Supernatural, with a couple of situation comedies thrown in for good measure.

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