For the Love of Blood
April 1, 2009
Available: April 1, 2009
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Annie Alvarez

I live in Texas with my partner of 12 years. I never really understood why biographies are so serious, after all, it is about getting to know the author better, isnít it?

I started writing a few years ago, and have had all of my friends read everything I wrote. Some stories were good, and some deserved what I call the file 13 (a really big Texas size shredder!) I finally found a niche that I do well inÖerotica. I figured this out when I would send copies of a rough drafts home with friends, and they would return it with missing pages. Yes, it took me a while to get it, my girlfriend says I'm a little dense.

I havenít had anything published before so basically, oh, hell why lie. Iím a nobody when it comes to the world of publishing, but Iím hoping that you like my style enough to keep reading. I love writing lesbian erotica because I am a lesbian, and because my mind has its own way of working, I occasionally write aboutÖ straight sex. And yes, I need to seek outside help when I write about guys. Yeah, yeah, itís been that long and donít give me the, itís like riding a bike. Bikeís have a nice cushy seat on them!!

I hope to see more of you at the bookstore.

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